Kids: Books About North Carolina

A Selection of titles connected to North Carolina. Authors living in, stories set in, or biographies of people born in the great state of North Carolina.


Beatty, Patricia. Who Comes With Cannons? In 1861 twelve-year-old Truth, a Quaker girl from Indiana, is staying with relatives who run a North Carolina station of the Underground Railroad, when her world is changed by the beginning of the Civil War. (JFIC)

Bridgers, Sue Ellen. All Together Now : A Novel. With her father serving in the Korean War and her mother working, Casey spends her 12thsummer visiting her grandparents in their small town where she makes friends with a 33-year-old man with the mind of a 12-year-old. (JFIC)

Davis, Donald D. Jack And The Animals. An Appalachian version of the traditional tale in which a boy and five elderly animals find their fortune in a robbers' den. (398.2)

Hahn, Mary Downing. Following My Own Footsteps . In 1945, Gordy's grandmother takes him and his family into her North Carolina home after his abusive father is arrested, and he just begins to respond to his grandmother's loving discipline when his father returns. (JFIC)

Haley, Gail E. Mountain Jack Tales. These stories featuring the hero Jack are set in the mountains of North Carolina, but have their roots in old world folklore. The illustrations are wood engravings. (398.3)

Hooks, William H. Crossing The Line. Describes the coming of age of an 11-year-old boy on his father's farm in the South in the 1930's and his relationships with his extended family and the black sharecroppers who work the farm. (JFIC)

Hooks, William H. Snowbear Whittington, An Appalachian Beauty And The Beast. An Appalachian version of the tale about a girl whose true love breaks the spell and turns her husband from a snow-white bear back into a handsome young man. (398.21)

Hopkins, Lila. Eating Crow. In order to befriend Zeke, a mute boy who is new in town, Croaker must swallow his pride, after which a bully's terrifying attack on Zeke's pet crow tests their friendship and courage. (JFIC)

Houston, Gloria. Mountain Valor. With her father and brothers gone to serve in the Civil War and her mother sick, teenage Valor ignores what is proper behavior for a girl and fights to defend her North Carolina mountain farm.(JFIC)

Hurmence, Belinda. Tough Tiffany. Eleven-year-old Tiffany, youngest member of a poor family in rural North Carolina, takes her first steps toward adulthood. (JFIC)

Jarrell, Randall. The Animal Family. A beautifully written fantasy, featuring illustrations by the renowned Maurice Sendak and capturing the magical atmosphere of the great fairy tales, tells how a lonely hunter goes about finding a family for himself. (JFIC)

Jarrell, Randall The Bat-Poet. A bat who can't sleep days makes up poems about the woodland creatures he now perceives for the first time. (JFIC)

Josephs, Anna Catherine. Mountain Boy. Describes how fourteen-year-old Thomas Zachary helped a group of escaped Union prisoners elude the Confederate soldiers in the mountains of North Carolina and make it to freedom. (973.77)

Lyons, Mary E. Letters From A Slave Girl : The Story Of Harriet Jacobs. A fictionalized version of the life of Harriet Jacobs, told in the form of letters that she might have written during her slavery in North Carolina and as she prepared for escape to the North in 1842. (JFIC)

Mulford, Carolyn. Elizabeth Dole, Public Servant. A biography of the current president of the American Red Cross from her childhood in North Carolina through her years of public service in Washington, D.C. (JBIO)

Newton, Suzanne. A Place Between : A Novel. Arden must move from her beloved home town to an unwelcoming city and adjust to living with her widowed grandmother. (JFIC)

Roberts, Nancy. Appalachian Ghosts. A collection of spooky tales about Carolina ghosts that may or may not be true. (398.3)

Rounds, Glen. Wild Horses Of The Red Desert. Traces the season-to-season activities of a band of wild horses as they raise their young, evade enemies, and survive the rigors of their badlands home. (636.1)

Smalls-Hector, Irene. Irene Jennie And The Christmas Masquerade : The Johnkankus. On a North Carolina plantation, a young slave girl's Christmas is brightened by the Johnkankus parade she witnesses as she waits for her parents to come home. (EASY)

Tate, Suzanne. Crabby's Water Wish : A Tale Of Saving Sea Life. Part of a series of titles dedicated to teaching children about sealife. (EASY)

Weatherford, Carole Boston. Juneteenth Jamboree . Cassandra and her family have moved to her parents' hometown in Texas, but it doesn't feel like home to Cassandra until she experiences Juneteenth, a Texas tradition celebrating the end of slavery. (EASY)

Wellman, Manly Wade. Rifles At Ramsour's Mill; A Tale Of The Revolutionary War. A historical novel based on Revolutionary War action that took place in North Carolina. (JFIC)