Services at The Library for Teachers 


We offer Tours of the children’s room for school groups. The Tours consist of some instruction, a basic introduction to library policies and materials, and a short storytime. Tours can be customized to meet your needs. You will need to call to schedule a Tour at least two weeks in advance. Please call Kendal Carr at 883-3666 to make a reservation.

Teacher Packs

We can select up to 25 books on a specific topic for you to use with your curriculum. We need at least one weeks notice for a Teachers Pack. We will need to know the grade or reading level of the students, and whether you need fiction, non-fiction, or both. Certain season and holiday themes may not be available for Teacher Pack selections.

KinderCards and BoosterCards

We offer special library cards for children in kindergarten and in third grade. The KinderCard is for kindergarten children. We come to your school and talk to the students about the public library and send them home with library card applications. After the applications are returned to the library through the teachers, we deliver the KinderCards to the classrooms. BoosterCards are for third grade students. We ask that third grade teachers schedule a visit to the library where the students will receive a tour and their BoosterCard applications. After parents complete the applications, we deliver the BoosterCards back to the schools.

Homework Project Alert

A way for you to let us know when a special project has been assigned to a group of students. Then we are able to pull appropriate materials and be ready to assist the students when they come in to the library. Please click HERE to send an email with “Homework Project Alert” in the subject line. Be sure to include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your School
  • Your contact information
  • Title of the assignment
  • Brief description of the assignment
  • Assignment due date
  • Grade level of student
  • Number of students
  • Any restrictions

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