Kids: Books About Adoption

Auch, Mary Jane. Pick Of The Litter.  An eleven-year-old adopted child realizes that being an only child has its advantages when her mother becomes pregnant after years of sterility. (JFIC)

Bloom, Suzanne. A Family For Jamie: An Adoption Story. Although Dan and Molly can make cookies and birdhouses, they cannot make a baby, so they adopt Jamie and share with him their life and love. (EASY)

Caines, Jeannette Franklin. Abby . Pre-school Abby enjoys her special place in the family as the adopted child. (EASY)

Corcoran, Barbara. Family Secrets. After moving with her lively family to the small town where her father grew up, thirteen-year-old Tracy discovers that she is adopted, a surprise that brings her new insights into what constitutes a family. (JFIC)

Curtis, Jamie Lee Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born. A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption. (EASY)

Forrai, Maria S. A Look At Adoption. Text and photographs answer some of the most frequently asked questions about adoption. (362.7)

Gabel, Susan L. Where The Sun Kisses The Sea.A little boy living in an orphanage dreams of finding a forever family where all the children share the same family name. (EASY)

Krementz, Jill. How It Feels To Be Adopted.Interviews with adopted children and adoptive families about their experiences and feelings concerning adoption. (362.7)

Girard, Linda Walvoord. Adoption Is For Always.Although Celia reacts to having been adopted with anger and insecurity,her parentshelp her accept her feelings and celebrate their love for her by making her adoption day a family holiday. Includes factual information about the adoption process. (362.734)

Girard, Linda Walvoord. We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo. Nine-year-old Benjamin Koo Andrews, adopted from Korea as an infant, describes what it's like to grow up adopted from another country. (JBIO)

Hess, Edith. Peter And Susie Find A Family. Mr. and Mrs. Findley adopt a boy named Peter and later give him a little sister when they adopt Susie. (JFIC)

Howard, Ellen. Her Own Song.When her adoptive father is hospitalized after an accident, Mellie is befriended by Geem-Wah, owner of a Chinese laundry, who holds the key to the events surrounding Mellie's birth eleven years ago. (JFIC)

Kasza, Keiko. A Mother For Choco.A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother. (EASY)

Keller, Holly. Horace. Horace, an adopted child, realizes that being part of a family depends on how you feel and not how you look. (EASY)

Koehler, Phoebe. The Day We Met You. Mom and Dad recount the exciting day when they adopted their baby. (EASY)

Lifton, Betty Jean. I'm Still Me. A history assignment to explore her roots propels a high school junior into a search for her biological parents. (YA)

Lifton, Betty Jean. Tell Me A Real Adoption Story. A parent tells an adopted child about coming to the family. (EASY)

London, Jonathan. A Koala For Katie. On a trip to the zoo, Katie gets a special present that helps her realize how much her adoptive parents love her. (EASY)

Lowry, Lois. Find A Stranger, Say Goodbye. Seemingly a girl who has everything, Natalie, at seventeen, goes in pursuit of her real mother. (JFIC)

McDonald, Joyce. Mail-Order Kid. When ten-year-old Flip orders a fox through the mail, his experiences in attempting to tame it help him to better understand his newly adopted brother from Korea. (JFIC)

McHugh, Elisabet. Karen's Sister. Karen's mother adopts a second Korean child and finds a husband with three children of his own. (JFIC)

Miles, Miska. Aaron's Door. Unable to adjust to the idea of being adopted and having a new mother and father, Aaron locks his door against the world. (JFIC)

Mora, Pat. Pablo's Tree. Each year on his birthday, a young Mexican American boy looks forward to seeing how his grandfather has decorated the tree he planted on the day the boy was adopted. (EASY)

Paterson, Katherine. The Great Gilly Hopkins. An eleven-year-old foster child tries to cope with her longings and fears as she schemes against everyone who tries to be friendly. (JFIC)

Pellegrini, Nina. Families Are Different.An adopted Korean girl discovers that her classmates have different types of families. (EASY)

Rosen, Michael J. Bonesy And Isabel. Isabel, an adopted Salvadoran girl, adjusts to her new life in America by befriending the old dog Bonesy, but then she must deal with her grief when he dies. (EASY)

Stein, Sara Bonnett. The Adopted One: An Open Family Book For Parents And Children Together. Includes dual text, one for the adult reader, one for the child, explaining some of the conflicting feelings of an adopted child. (362.7)

Turner, Ann Warren. Through Moon And Stars And Night Skies . A boy who came from far away to be adopted by a couple in this country remembers how unfamiliar and frightening some of the things were in his new home, before he accepted the love to be found there. (EASY)

Wasson, Valentina Pavlovna. The Chosen Baby. Because they want to share their home with children, a couple adopt a boy and later a girl. (EASY)

Family Of Strangers [videorecording] Based on the book: Bugs in your ears / Betty Bates. Presents the story of the adjustment of a 12-year-old girl to the remarriage of her mother and the acquisition of a stepfather and two stepsisters, in order to show that being a real family does not just mean living in the same house. (MEDIA ARTS)