Kids: Grade 3 Reading List


The following titles, unless otherwise noted, can be found in the Children's Room in Junior Fiction shelved alphabetically by the author's last name.


Adler, David. CAM JANSEN AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MONSTER MOVIE. A young girl uses her photographic memory, her mother, and her friend Eric to find a missing reel of monster film they go to see.

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S MATH GAMES. (J793.74A) Picture puzzles, games, and simple activities introduce the mathematical concepts of multiplication, sequence and ordinal numbering, measurement, and direction.

Ball, Duncan. EMILY EYEFINGER. Having been born with an extra eye on the end of her finger, Emily finds that it comes in very handy in many unusual situations.

Burleigh, Robert. FLIGHT. (JBIO) Describes how Charles Lindbergh achieved the remarkable feat of flying nonstop and solo from New York to Paris in 1927.

Carlson, Natalie. THE HAPPY ORPHELINE. The story of twenty orphan girls who dread adoption because it will mean being separated from each other.

Christian, Mary Blount. SEBASTIAN (SUPER SLEUTH) AND THE SANTA CLAUS CAPER. Dog detective Sebastian goes undercover as Santa Claus to unravel a mystery at a department store.

Christopher, Matt. CENTERFIELD BALLHAWK. Baseball player Jose Mendex worries about his poor performance with the bat and fears disappointing his father, a former ballplayer with an outstanding batting average.

Cleary, Beverly . MUGGIE MAGGIE. Maggie resists learning cursive writing in the third grade, until she discovers that learning knowing how to read and write cursive promises to open up an entirely new world of knowledge for her.

Cohen, Barbara. A CARP IN THE BATHTUB. Leah and Harry tell a humorous story of trying to save the fish their mother brings home from being cooked.

Conford, Ellen. A JOB FOR JENNY ARCHER. Convinced that her family is poor because her parents refuse to get her a horse or a swimming pool, nine-year-old Jenny Archer follows her own path to making money, including a plunge into real estate that puts her house on the market.

Coombs, Patricia. DORRIE AND THE WITCHVILLE FAIR. Bad-tempered Old Irontoes is up to something at the Witchville Fair and only Dorrie suspects.

Cooney, Barbara. ELEANOR (JBIO) Presents the childhood of Eleanor Roosevelt, who married a president of the United States and became known as a great humanitarian.

Cresswell, Helen. MEET POSY BATES. The adventures and misadventures of an eight-year-old girl, Posy Bates, who desperately wants a dog or cat for a pet.

DeGroat, Diane. ROSES ARE PINK, YOUR FEET REALLY STINK On Valentine's Day, Gilbert brings a tin of homemade cookies and his original nice or nasty poems to school.

Demi. ONE GRAIN OF RICE : A MATHEMATICAL FOLKTALE A reward of one grain of rice doubles day by day into millions of grains of rice when a selfish raja is outwitted by a clever village girl.

Dickinson, Peter. CHUCK AND DANIELLE Danielle's pet whippet, Chuck, is terrified of absolutely everything, but Danielle is sure that Chuck is going to save the universe one day.

Dorris, Michael. SEES BEHIND TREES A Native American boy with a special gift to "see" beyond his poor eyesight journeys with an old warrior to a land of mystery and beauty.

Duncan, Lois. WONDER KID MEETS THE EVIL LUNCH SNATCHER. Terrorized by an evil lunch-snatcher at his new school, Brian devises, with the help of a fellow comic book fan, a plan involving a new superhero called Wonder Kid.

Eth, Clifford. FLATFOOT FOX AND THE CASE OF THE MISSING SCHOOLHOUSE Flatfoot Fox and his faithful friend, Secretary Bird, help Principal Porcupine solve the mystery of the missing school.

Etra, Jonathan. ALIENS FOR BREAKFAST. Finding an intergalactic special agent in his cereal box, Richard joins in a fight to save Earth from the Dranes, one of whom is masquerading as a student in Richard's class.

Fleischman, Albert Sidney. MCBROOM AND THE GREAT RACE. With his one-acre farm as the prize, Josh McBroom on a giant chicken races Heck Jones on a Wyoming jackalope.

Geisert, Bonnie. HAYSTACK This combination of exquisite colored etchings and informative text brings tolife a fascinating reminder of a working farm.

Giff, Patricia R. LAURA INGALLS WILDER: GROWING UP IN THE LITTLE HOUSE. (JBIO) A biography of the author of the"Little House" books, including the years of her marriage to Almanzo Wilder.

Green, Phyllis. EATING ICE CREAM WITH A WEREWOLF. A funny story about a young boy who is left with a new babysitter while his parents go on a trip who turns out to be a witch.

Greenwald, Sheila. WRITE ON, ROSY! When Rosy realizes she does not have a life-long ambition like her best friend Hermione, she decides to become an investigative reporter and investigates Headmistress Gormley with unexpected results.

Greer, Gery. JASON AND THE ALIENS DOWN THE STREET. Jason meets Cooper Vor and Lootna, aliens from space now living on Earth, and travels with them to a distant planet in an attempt to retrieve a stolen energy crystal.

Griffith, Helen. GEORGIA MUSIC A little girl and her grandfather share two different kinds of music, that of his mouth organ and that of the birds and insects around his cabin.

Hass, E. A. INCOGNITO MOSQUITO, PRIVATE INSECTIVE. The mosquito detective tells a cub reporter of his exploits and encounters with such insect notables as Mickey Mantis, F. Flea Bailey, and the Warden of Sting Sting Prison.

Haywood, Carolyn. "B" IS FOR BETSY. Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather's farm.

Heide, Florence. THE SHRINKING OF TREEHORN. A boy discovers he is shrinking but does not know the cause or cure.

Herman, Charlotte. MILLIE COOPER, 3B. As she tries to cope with school and other problems, third-grader Millie discovers some special things about herself.

Hughes, Dean. BIG BASE HIT. Harlan Sloan, a rookie on the Little League baseball team, gets his first big base hit.

Humberstone, Eliot. FINDING OUT ABOUT THINGS AT HOME. (J640H) Shows pictures and tells how a variety of household items work such as a washing machine, cassette recorder, television, etc.

Hurwitz, Johanna. THE ADVENTURES OF ALI BABA BERNSTEIN. Eight-year-old David is convinced that his life will be more adventurous when he changes his name to Ali Baba.

Jennings, Patrick. FAITH AND THE ELECTRIC DOGS Because Faith hates her new life in Mexico, she and her faithful mutt, Edison, flee by rocket and find adventures which cause her to have a change of heart.

Joosse, Barbara. ANNA, THE ONE AND ONLY. Third grader Anna Skoggen struggles to express her true personality, and finally finds a way to be herself and become friends with her older sister, Kimberly.

Koller, Jackie. NO SUCH THING Howard and the monster under his bed decide on a plan to convince their mothers that both of them have reason to be afraid after dark.

Landon, Lucinda. MEG MACKINTOSH AND THE MYSTERY AT CAMP CREEPY. While attending summer camp for the first time, Meg tries to solve the mystery of the camp's legend ghost. The reader is challenged to interpret each clue before Meg finds the solution.

Levy, Elizabeth. THE CASE OF THE GOBBLING SQUASH: A MAGIC MYSTERY. A young detective and her partner, an amateur magician, solve a case involving missing bunnies, a pink sock ghost, and a remote-control squash that gobbles like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Lewis, Marjorie. WRONGWAY APPLEBAUM. Always a little slow and awkward, Applebaum dreams of being on the baseball team and impressing everyone with his spectacular playing.

London, Jonathan. ALI, CHILD OF THE DESERT Journeying with his father to the market town at the edge of the Sahara, young Ali is separated from the camel herd by a sudden sand storm and is rescued and sheltered by a mysterious desert man.

McDonnell, Christine. LUCKY CHARMS AND BIRTHDAY WISHES. Emily Mott enjoys the new school year with a new group of friends.

Maestro, Guilio. RIDDLE ROMP. (J793.73M) A collection of original riddles designed to increase vocabulary.

Markham, Marion. THE APRIL FOOL'S DAY MYSTERY. The Dixon twins try to discover who put the snake in the school cafeteria flour bin on April Fool's Day, clearing an unjustly suspected classmate in the process.

Mollel, Tololwa. KELE'S SECRET A young Tanzanian boy named Yoanes overcomes his fear of the scariest place on his grandparents' farm, the spooky shed, when he follows Kele, his grandmother's hen, to see where she lays her eggs.

Moore, Lilian. I'LL MEET YOU AT THE CUCUMBERS. Adam and Junius, two country mice, go for a visit to the city, where Adam despairs when his dear friend admits he might like to stay.

O'Connor, Jim. COMEBACK!: FOUR TRUE STORIES. (J920O) Describes how four famous athletes overcame serious injuries or debilitating conditions to become superstars.

Parker, Nancy W. BUGS. (J595.7P) Includes general information, jokes, and brief descriptions of the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of a variety of common insects.

Petersen, P. J. THE FIREPLUG IS FIRST BASE. A small baseball player surprises his bigger teammates when he finally gets his chance at bat.

Peterson, John. THE LITTLES GO EXPLORING. The story of some tiny people, only six inches tall, who live in the walls of the Bigg family's house.

Polacco, Patricia. IN ENZO'S SPLENDID GARDENS A cumulative rhyme describes the uproarious chain of events that ensue when a waiter trips over a book dropped by a boy watching a bee.

Poploff, Michelle. BUSY O'BRIEN AND THE GREAT BUBBLE GUM BLOWOUT. Busy O'Brien tries to raise funds for the town's Meal Mobile by organizing the Great Bubble Gum Blowout.

Powling, Chris. HICCUP HARRY. Harry disrupts the school when he tries to get rid of a bad case of the hiccups.

Pringle, Laurence. VAMPIRE BATS. (J599.4P) Describes the behavior of three species of small blood-eating bats of the leafnose family found in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Quackenbush, Robert . BICYCLE TO TREACHERY. While on a bicycle trip across Holland, Miss Mallard runs into danger when she unwittingly uncovers a smuggling operation.

Quackenbush, Robert. I DID IT WITH MY HATCHET. (JBIO) A humorous rendition of George Washington's life, which includes both famous and little-known anecdotes.

Reid, Margarette. A STRING OF BEADS Young readers will enjoy bold, dramatic illustrations and the simple math concepts at work in the charming story that captures the pleasure that a little girl and her grandmother get out of their bead collection.

Rounds, Glen. SOD HOUSES ON THE GREAT PLAINS A colorfully illustrated explanation, using simple and clear language, of the construction of sod houses, by an author born in a sod house, discusses why these homes were built on the almost treeless Great Plains.

Shrapnel, Pamela. FREDDIE THE FRIGHTENED AND THE WONDROUS MS. WARDROBE. After brave cousin Penelope dispels the imaginary monsters that Freddie sees at bedtime, the cousins meet the dreaded Googyman.

Simon, Seymour. VOLCANOES. (J551.2S) Explains, in simple terms, the characteristics of volcanoes and describes some famous eruptions and their aftermath.

Smith, Janice. THE SHOW-AND-TELL WAR AND OTHER STORIES ABOUT ADAM JOSHUA. Five stories relate the adventures and misadventures of Adam Joshua as he contends with the first day of school, pretending to be sick, stealing a library book, making the scariest Halloween costume, and being upstaged at show-and-tell time.

Sterman, Betsy. BACKYARD DRAGON. With the help of three friends, a young boy and his grandfather help a fifteenth-century Welsh dragon find its way home.

Suzan, Gerardo. BUTTERFLY BOY.. Every sunny afternoon Emilio wheels his grandfather outside to watch the butterflies.
Emilio's grandfather can no longer speak, but Emilio can see the happiness in his grandfather's eyes as he watches the butterflies dance through the air

Viorst, Judith. IF I WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD AND OTHER WORRIES. (J811.54V)Forty-one poems reveal a variety of secret thoughts, worries, and wishes.

Wallace, Bill. SNOT STEW. (JW) Brother and sister cats are taken in by a family and learn the pleasures and dangers of living alongside humans.

Weiss, Ellen. THE ADVENTURES OF RATMAN. With the help of a rat costume, Tod Watson is transformed from an ordinary eight-year-old into a superhero named Ratman.

Winters, Kay. WOLF WATCH After spending their first few weeks being cared for in the safety of their den, four wolf pups emerge to face a world full of wonder and danger.

Ziefert, Harriet. TRIP DAY. Mr. Rose's class goes on a trip to visit a pond and collect mud, plants, bugs, etc. and comes back to school with a lot of surprises.